Toil and trouble

Giles SwayneGZ056
Double-bass and piano | Grade 8-Diploma technical level | Duration: 8 minutes

Two contrasted concert pieces.

Underground is unaccompanied and dark in character; Perpetual motion, which has a piano accompaniment, is like a jerky Heath Robinson machine. Both pieces exploit the sonorities and possibilities of the double bass in an adventurous and exciting way.


  • Underground
  • Perpetual motion

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Giles SwayneGZ057
Viola and Piano | Grades 2-4 technical level

Seven pieces which exploit the viola’s wide range of colour and character in portrait–studies of crawling creatures in all their fascinating variety.

  • The ingenious Spider
  • The elegant Snail
  • The obliging Worm
  • The workaholic Ant
  • The mysterious Woodlouse
  • The savage Centipede
  • The insatiable Caterpillar

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