City people

John BloodGZ009
Clarinet and Piano | Duration: 8 minutes

Written in January 1988 for Geraldine Allen and Roger Vignoles. Effective recital pieces which end with a riotous and demonic dance to the god of Mammon. Although designed to be played as a set, they also work well when performed separately.

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  • Monsieur le boulanger
  • Filing–clerks
  • The dreamer
  • The banker

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Aspects of Paradise

Giles SwayneGZ055
Flute and Piano | Grades 6–7 technical level | Duration: 9 minutes

Four pieces offering a melodious and flautistical view of the Adam and Eve story. Swayne’s mastery of the flute, familiar from HAVOC, Winter Solstice Carol, and the virtuoso Canto for flute (all published by Novello) is here put to excellent use for budding young players. These pieces, which introduce the player to such things as flutter–tonguing and harmonics, have been edited for the flute by renowned flautist Philippa Davies, to whom they are dedicated.

  • The Gardener of Eden
  • Adam and Eve and Pinch–me
  • Paradise Stomp
  • Forbidden Flute

“Giles brings to these delightful pieces a great understanding of the instrument and a wonderfully fresh approach. Although making demands on the player, he adds that particular quality of fun which is always present in his music. They are little gems, which everyone will enjoy as much as I have.”
Philippa Davies

“. . . challenges of metre and simple extended techniques within a highly enjoyable and accessible idiom.”
Music Teacher

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Knautical Knots

John BloodGZ053
Clarinet and Piano | Grades 2-3 technical level | Duration: 11 minutes

Eight seafaring pieces for clarinet which play on the names of knots and hitches (real and invented) to create a sparkling variety of mood and character which will stimulate the musicianship and technical skill of the aspiring clarinettist.

  • THE JSB SHEEPSHANK: Knotty Invention
  • CZERNY’S HITCH: Perpetuum mobile
  • CABIN–BOY’S BOWLINE: Midnight prayer
  • MERRY MACKEREL TURN: Valse burlesque

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In the stillness

Sally BeamishGZ080
SATB a cappella | Duration: 1¾ minutes

A setting of original words by Katrina Shepherd, this short carol beautifully captures the hushed rapture of a small parish church in a snowbound landscape, just before Christmas. Couched in a highly accessible style, it is simple for any choir to sing, and is already very popular with choirs in Britain and abroad.


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