City people

John BloodGZ009
Clarinet and Piano | Duration: 8 minutes

Written in January 1988 for Geraldine Allen and Roger Vignoles. Effective recital pieces which end with a riotous and demonic dance to the god of Mammon. Although designed to be played as a set, they also work well when performed separately.

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  • Monsieur le boulanger
  • Filing–clerks
  • The dreamer
  • The banker

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Periwinkle Duo

John BloodGZ010
Oboe and Bassoon | Duration: 8 minutes

Written for members of the Viente Ensemble and first performed by them in 1979. A youthful and light–hearted set of short pieces. Popular with wind quintets, who frequently include it in their programmes to create variety (and a breather).

  • Overture
  • Canon
  • Scherzo
  • Air
  • Jig
  Score and parts

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Viente Divertissement

John BloodGZ024
Flute, Horn and Bassoon | Duration: 10 minutes

This cheerful and charming confection has been played many times by the Viente Ensemble, who commissioned it in 1982. It is a useful ingredient in wind quintet programmes, since it allows two of the group to have a breather. It was first performed in Harlow on 24th February 1983.

  • Flourish
  • Promenade
  • Waltz
  • Burlesque
  • Arioso
  • Finale
  Score and parts

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Spring Sonatina

John BloodGZ025
Oboe and Piano | Grades 6-7 technical level | Duration: 7 minutes

Three contrasting movements: a vigorous Allegro deciso, a lyrical Andante espressivo containing a passionate central section, and a rustic Vivace e giocoso dance for the finale. Written in 1983, and dedicated to Tina Cumming, it is frequently used by students as an end–of–term concert piece.


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